Keto Diet

With all the misinformation out there, it is no wonder why many people who begin a Ketogenic “Keto” Diet, more often than not fail.  It is not just bacon, cheese, eggs, and meat; and there is a clear difference between what has been dubbed “clean” Keto vs “Dirty” “Keto.  As someone who has lived the “clean” keto lifestyle for the past 10 years, I can say that, when done right, there is no healthier way to live both mentally and physically. With my program you can be assured that you will be doing it correctly.  I first present you with a unique yet simple way to kick-start your Keto lifestyle.  Once in “ketosis”, (the process where your body primary uses fat for fuel) we then go on to prepare customized meal plans based on your preferences.  Clients also have the option of direct 24-hour access via text so as to take the guess out of what you can and cannot eat when grocery shopping or out at a restaurant.  Throughout the process we set realistic fat loss goals that are attained in the healthiest manner possible.




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