Steven has helped me tremendously! He has been available 24/7 to assist me in my transition to a full keto diet. He went above and beyond to do the diet and transition weeks with me and was available for any questions I had. He constantly reassures me and guides me in the right direction on my diet. With his help I have lost 20 pounds! I also sleep better, have had a huge decrease in stress and anxiety and an increase in overall energy and happiness! I would highly recommend seeking the assistance of Steven for overall health and wellness as well as keto help!

– Melissa C.

I’ve been going to Dr. Alimaras for a few months now, and I am so happy with his technique of making each session so comfortable and tailored to how you are feeling. It never feels forced or unnatural, like most therapy sessions may feel. I always leave with a new, positive perspective/twist on my current situation – truly feel like I have a hold on my life again! Highly recommend to anyone who is seeking therapy and has not found luck with others, he is the go to guy for you!! 10/10 would recommend 🙂

– Sarah F.

I’ve been seeing Steven for the past four months, and seeing him as my therapist has been the best decision I’ve ever made for my mental health. I had never seen a therapist before and was initially uncomfortable, but he helped me get used to the process. He’s kind, but he doesn’t coddle and holds you accountable for potentially self destructive habits. I love that he offers practical solutions to help with short term and long terms problems. I also like that he’s super flexible on rescheduling as long as you give him decent notice.

– Samuel T.

Dr Alimaras is fantastic. He is attentive and calm and pays careful attention to everything you say to him. He makes great suggestions for strategies to deal with whatever problems you are facing and is encouraging but real about helping you implement them.

– Sam G.

Dr. Alimaras has been great so far. We have good honest conversations; working through situations that are (mostly) a trend in creating problems in my everyday life. You leave with a plan until the next visit. He’s straightforward but kind. Would totally recommend.

– Julie L.

Dr. Alimaras is extremely thoughtful and helpful with his patients, and does everything he can to accommodate you. I’ve been seeing him for the past 2 months and he’s been excellent in helping me develop techniques to deal with social anxiety and long term depression. He’s also extremely flexible and able to take appointments by Facetime or call. I’ve searched for multiple years for a therapist with very little success until now. Cannot recommend enough.

– Lincoln S.

I didn’t have to wait, there was never that feeling of being rushed towards the end of the session – he was a great listener and the session felt like a real conversation with meaningful conclusions reached and I had many things to think about for the following week. He has a great way of looking at life and does not judge! Highly recommended if you want to calmly, objectively and rationally look at your life.

– Christine B.

One of the greatest things about Steven is that he is a wonderful listener. He does not judge nor does he criticize. Yet, he does challenge your thoughts and worries to try and make you the best person you can be. I appreciated Steven’s honesty and his desire to give his patients the tools they need to operate in the world.

– Rich F.

I began my sessions with Steven back in January. It’s been almost 5 months and I am already mentally healthier, emotionally more stable and sincerely very thankful for my time with Steven. If you want a psychotherapist that coddles you and leaves you in your emotional state without growth, then look elsewhere, because Steven is NOT this therapist. He gets straight to the point, targets your harmful thought and habit patterns, and helps you walk through them to throw out the irrational thoughts and rebuild your foundation with constructive rational thoughts. He’s taught me that I am not the anxiety that I experience, and that I am not my past – that I have a fresh new page of life today. It’s rare to find a therapist who sees your potential and calls it out consistently. I’m thankful to God for Steven’s work in this field.

– Angela C.

I have seen a few therapist in my life. I have never had a therapist who has been more honest and direct. He is also very attentive and remembers what we talk about in session in detail. I never feel as if he doesn’t care.

– Jon R.

Steve has been my therapist for a few months now. I totally have no regrets from the day I found him on ZocDoc. He has a tremendous personality that is welcoming that make you feel extremely comfortable and relaxed. Talking about relaxed, the ambience of the place is cozy, and commendably clean. This man have been more than a therapist going to the extreme of assisting with meal planning. It’s a wellness awakening experience for anyone as a patient. A lot has changed for me since the day I first went to Steve. I’m living a way more depressed and anxiety free life not to mention a more physically healthy life. He is the best mental and nutrition counselor. Take it from me you would never regret the day you meet him. He is warm and welcoming . EXCELLENT LISTENER. You can all try him for yourself it’s worth everything!

-Chris Y.

I have been seeing Steve for the past couple of months and feel like a changed man! He instills confidence and offers new, positive perspectives. He is highly analytical, thoughtful, and is genuinely a good person. I highly recommend Steve to someone who is serious about changing their mental health and life perspective in a positive way.

-Yolanda K.

Dr. Alimaras is very patient and straight forward. He allows time for you to gather your thoughts without making you feel pressured to speak. His assignment approach is an incredibly effective way to keep yourself accountable.

-Mike H.




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