Concierge and Video Counseling Services

These days everyone is busy and sometimes the traditional model of in-office therapy simply does not work.  As such the Concierge and Video counseling Service is offered as a means to work around your schedule and fit your needs.  After an initial in person meeting, at the office, home, or private location of your choosing (this is recommended, but not essential), ongoing video/phone sessions will be continued thereafter.

Other benefits of this Service include:

24-hour, direct access via phone and Email
If an unexpected problem or crisis occurs or a situation comes about that requires immediate attention, rest assured that you are not alone. Included as part of the service, you’ll be able to communicate with me, 24-hours a day,7 days a week. Text message is strongly recommended for the quickest response time. In the event your request takes place during another patient’s session, you will receive a reply from me directly within one hour of your initial outreach.

Extended Hours
Though securing your preferred appointment time is always a priority, schedules often fill up quickly. To help alleviate these difficulties, extended office hours, including weekends and holidays, via video or phone, are included as part of the concierge package.

Complimentary Session Extension
Though a standard session is 45 minutes, some sessions need to be continued past this time frame. In these instances, complimentary grace periods are offered to ensure that the topic has been fully explored.

Immediate Appointment Availability
Whenever necessary, a same-day, or next day video/phone session will be scheduled in order to ensure you have the support needed. A guaranteed appointment is scheduled within 24hrs.

Complete Confidentiality
No insurance forms or claims guarantees peace of mind that your privacy will never be violated and your records never reviewed by a third party.




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